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When The One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) programme was introduced as part of the government’s strategy to digitize the education sector, many school administrators were not prepared. The laptops were supposed ...
2. OLP5YO?
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
Is 5 years old too young for an OLPC? A family member is putting forward the idea of getting my nephew an OLPC for Christmas. The argument for is that it's educational, charitable and there are activities ...
... Christmas, according to Reuters. The OLPC screens are high-contrast in the nonbacklit mode, just like E Ink, even though the technology is different. And the possible $350 price for consumers could help ...
4. '$100 laptop' hit by production delays
(Last Minute Christmas/Findory Christmas) An OLPC scheme allowing consumers to buy one XO laptop for themselves and one for a child in a developing country is suffering shortages in the run-up to Christmas ... Read more An ...