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Last Minute Christmas

Gabbiee Hornsey is bravely speaking out for the first time about the impact this tragedy has had on the family

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in June. Gabbiee Hornsey was at home when she received a call from her sister Dominique, just like she did most days. They were both planning to go to the park the next day to have a picnic with the kids. Little did Gabbiee know that it would be the last time she would ever speak to her sister.

A DAY IN THE LIFE - John Edward Nolan

John is a professional dancer on RTE Dancing with the Stars and was recently crowned the Champion of Series 3 with celebrity dance partner Mairead Ronan. He is from Maudlin Street in Kilkenny and has been dancing since he was three. He has represented Ireland at World and European Championships and is an Irish Champion in Ballroom and Showdance.

Juniors that opened eyes at Riverside-Brookfield

The Class of 2021 in Illinois has opened eyes. The junior group took full advantage of the opportunity to be seen at Riverside-Brookfield last weekend. A pair of City/Suburban Hoops Report top five prospects in the Class of 2021 –– one who enhanced his already established stock and another who....

New LOL Surprise range being stocked in Poundland - including clips, bobbles and bows

Poundland are stocking LOL Surprise hair accessories which won't break the bank. The giant bargain retailer has clips, bobbles, bows, fluffy pom-pom key-rings and compact hairbrushes and mirrors all on sale for £1 - but you'll have to snap them up fast.

'Portsmouth people let themselves go' as city celebrated the real end to the First World War

Although we had many events last November to mark the end of the First World War it was only the signing of the Armistice that was being commemorated. The official end of the Great War did not come until 100 years ago today with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

Family says thank you to hospital for helping baby Ella

A MOTHER whose baby daughter was hospitalised with breathing difficulties has launched a fundraising campaign to say thank you to the children's ward. Six-month-old Ella Cook has been suffering from chest problems since she was born. Initially it was put down to common childhood problems, but two weeks ago her condition worsened significantly.

Two jailed in connection with murder of Abdi Ali

(AGENPARL) – London gio 27 giugno 2019. A man who murdered a teenager and concealed his body in his loft for eight months has been jailed. Gary Hopkins – 37 () of Hartmoor Mews, Enfield was sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum term of 22 years at the Old Bailey on Thursday, 27 June.

Ford cutting 12,000 jobs in Europe in effort to increase profits

Carmaker said Thursday it is shedding 12,000 jobs in Europe to increase profitability, part of a global trend of cost cuts by automakers facing shifting consumer tastes and heavy investments in electric cars. The job losses amount to about a fifth of Ford’s work force in Europe and are part of a....

"Rainbow retail" big during Pride Month, but what about rest of year?

to draw LGBTQ consumers. What some marketers call the "pink dollar" is worth an estimated $917 billion annually to businesses. But efforts must be genuine: LGBTQ advocates say members of the community can identify inauthentic "Pride clutter." Like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day that come....

All Creatures Great and Small to get new TV series

It was a show which somehow defined a gentler age. As Britain suffered first the Winter of Discontent and then the horrors of the early years of Thatcherism, viewers by their millions to tuned in to a Scottish tale of funny animals and the even funnier people who looked after them.

Property stylist mad about dog sitting

Dog sitter with Mad Paws. The timeframe: I’ve been dog sitting for two years. The reason: I started Mad Paws sitting to pat more dogs! I am always travelling for work and wanted a dog of my own but couldn't commit. Now I get to see my favourite little doggos regularly when they come and stay over holidays and weekends.

Man died after 'exposure to asbestos' A man died after being exposed to asbestos at work for almost a quarter of a century, an inquest heard.

A man died after being exposed to asbestos at work for almost a quarter of a century, an inquest has heard. Peter Solley worked at Quex Park in Birchington-on-Sea for 24 years, was diagnosed with mesothelioma just before Christmas last year and told he had just months to live.

Brits' biggest rip offs revealed from TV licences to cinema food and parking

Hospital car parking, food at the cinema and two-year phone contracts are among life’s biggest rip-offs, according to a study. The study of 2,000 adults found eight in 10 believe there are ‘too many rip-offs in modern life’ in every area from eating, communicating and travelling.

Knife array was part of 'collection'

A WOMAN intercepted in her car with a disturbingly large collection of weapons has faced court in Ipswich. Danelle Leigh Gray provided no definitive reason for having 10 knives in her car when police stopped her, except that she was an avid collector. Ipswich Magistrates Court heard she had previously been picked up with a knife on Christmas Day.

Heathrow expansion: why not use airport capacity elsewhere?

Two key issues for traditional airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are connectivity and traffic mix. Airlines like to fly from busy airports because they can carry transfer passengers from a wide range of origins. And they really like airports which reliably deliver large numbers of....

Birmingham German Christmas Market dates confirmed for 2019 - and they are different

It may not seem that long since Birmingham's German Christmas Market packed up and left at Christmas 2018. But some are already wondering when it's returning for 2019 so they can make arrangements to visit the city while it's on. The annual attraction appears in Victoria Square and New Street every....

German Market Birmingham

Birmingham's German Market is a Christmas shopping event held in Victoria Square and New Street, Birmingham, every November and December. Referred to by the council as Frankfurt Christmas Market Birmingham, because it was originally brought to the city from Frankfurt in 1997, it is the the largest of its kind outside Germany.

New LOL Surprise range being stocked in Poundland - including clips, bobbles and bows

Poundland are stocking LOL Surprise hair accessories which won't break the bank. The giant bargain retailer has clips, bobbles, bows, fluffy pom-pom key-rings and compact hairbrushes and mirrors all on sale for £1 - but you'll have to snap them up fast.

Big changes coming to the Times-Mail

Big Changes: Answers to common questions. Here some answers to some common questions you may have as we make the change to mail delivery: Q: Will the price be changing? A: No, there will be no changes to the price of the newspaper. Q: Will the newspaper be delivered on holidays? A: Anytime a holiday....

Laconia café celebrates a year of welcoming the homeless

LACONIA, New Hampshire (AP) — Isaiah 61 Cafe was opened to give homeless people a place they could feel welcome and where they could find basic necessities such as food, showers and laundry facilities. As they celebrated its one-year anniversary on June 20, founders Dave and Dawn Longval said that....

Channel 5 to revive TV drama All Creatures Great and Small

The television drama All Creatures Great and Small is making a comeback. The series, based on the real-life adventures of the Yorkshire vet James Herriot, originally ran on BBC1 from 1978 to 1990, and is now being given a fresh interpretation by Channel 5.

Spotlight on: Keegan Bost, musician

Tell us about your early experience with music. Music runs in the blood for me. My dad is a professional drummer. He went to college at a school called Percussion Institute Of Technology and graduated Top 10 of his class there, so he is super talented.

Dad nicknamed 'The Magician' who murdered teen boy and hid body in loft jailed

A magician who murdered his drug dealer and showed his body off to friends after leaving it in his attic for eight months has been jailed for life. Amateur conjurer Gary Hopkins, 37, killed 17-year-old Abdi Ali as the teenager slept on the sofa at in Enfield, north London.

The long read: Nigeria's War of the Land 48 mins ago Features

It is mid-morning but already the heat is blistering. The buyers have arrived, and the hard bargaining can begin. The scene is Agege market in Lagos — the largest livestock trading hub in West Africa. Here, each day, 50 truckloads of livestock are disgorged into its maw to supply the 20 million inhabitants of Africa’s biggest city.