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Post-holiday and future-holiday blues

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For some concrete reasons and some rather more nebulous ones, I am just really super sad that the holidays are over, and having a very hard time getting past it. What are some things I can do to shake off these blahs? How to properly grieve dying/dead traditions (especially when it seems like they were actually quite good ones!) and embrace new limitations? So, despite being an atheist since I was a little kid, I am A Christmas Person, and always have been. It's the only holiday I give a damn about -- I love it as a symbol of finding any light in the darkness, I love it as an embracing of winter, and as one of the few opportunities I have for connecting with my late father's family. I decorate a truly baller tree, I bake some freakin' good cookies, my local bar serves mulled wine and I joyfully partake. I send cards, do fancy gift wrap, the whole deal.

That said, usually I'm ready to pack it away once January rolls around -- not fed up, just like, OK, time to move along. But this year I'm just. so. sad. I've been crying half the morning! There are a few actual reasons that I can identify:
-My mother has expressed a desire to cancel our family's longstanding Christmas Eve at her home and simply go out for a splashy meal. I know this is extremely practical in many ways but it's also quite sad.
-She and my siblings no longer wish to visit with my late father's extended family on Christmas Day and has definitely implied that I should not either. (NB: I'm, uh, probably not going to listen to her on this but it certainly adds a complication.)
-One of my siblings just is not ever coming home again, I think. Like, he doesn't hate us or anything but he lives far away, holiday travel sucks, and he likes it there better, so I don't think we can expect to see him at a holiday unless we go there. Which, again, fine, that is extremely practical and his total prerogative, and also extremely sad.
-My partner hates hates hates to host, or have guests, so my ability to replace these traditions with gatherings of my own is pretty limited.

Apart from this I'm sure it's just a whole mess of feeling my own mortality and knowing the futility of trying to stem the changing tides et. al., yadda yadda.

I know the world is a garbage fire and I should have more serious concerns than how I'll be spending my holidays. I have shit to do.

So people of MeFi, how have you bounced back from the loss of cherished traditions? Help me come up with a strategy so I can pack away my Christmas tree without feeling like I'm packing away the holiday itself, never to be seen again! This year I did a lot of "fine, if y'all aren't on board that's OK, this Christmas will just be my solo jam", but it wasn't very fulfilling, so I'm not looking forward to just doing more, and more, and more of that as time goes on.

Hope me, MeFi Wan Kenobi.

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