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1. Virus Update from the North Pole
(Last Minute Christmas/Updates from the North Pole)
The virus that plagues the world right now is a concern at the North Pole. We have been receiving letters and comments about it for months and Santa thinks it is time that I address the issue with...  ...
2. 200 Days Until Santa Launches
(Last Minute Christmas/Updates from the North Pole)
(Special to SantaUpdate from the North Flight Command Center) — Greetings, all. Elf Max here from Flight Command with a brief update. We have now reached the 200-day milestone. There are just... ...
3. The Bloody Fourth Day of Christmas
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
According to the Christian calendar, the birth of Jesus is followed by the state-mandated murder of children. But somehow, hope breaks through. Read Full Article  ...