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1. What should I say here?
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... more like "my kid really loves you, and you're his grandparents, and it would really be nice to show him how much you care for him on a major holiday." And/or "It was hard for Kid to see his cousins and ...
2. The holidays make me want to crawl in a hole
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
I've never spent holidays alone. This year, it looks like I'll be spending Christmas and New Year's Eve by myself, because all my friends are coupled-up or already have plans that can't accommodate me ...
3. How to make this Christmas more Christmasy?
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... secular holiday. Read Full Article  ...
4. Need a little Merry in my Christmas
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... foods and treats are people making in small batches to make the holiday special for one or two? thanks. Read Full Article  ...
5. What to get two girls (ages 4 and 6) for Christmas?
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
...  Most holidays I tend toward getting books, board games, other gifts that they ask for that aren’t just more and more stuff for the easily-outgrown stuff pile. But since I spent a few hundred on the other ...
6. Board game type gift for large family with small children
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... help us find a thank you holiday gift for a family that has helped us during the pandemic. A neighboring household has been occasionally shopping for us, which has been a help since we are strictly ...
7. Home cooked treats for holiday gifts (with restrictions)
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
Suggestions please for edible treats i can make and gift to my family. Various family allergies make this complicated: treats must be dairy-free, gluten-free, with no soy. My first idea was to make pickles ...
Im thinking of not flying home for Christmas this year and spending the holidays mostly alone, which is a little sad but I'm not super depressed about it. How can I help my mom not worry about that? I'm ...
9. Christmas cheer in a time of COVID
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... my apartment and/or celebrate this holiday season? I normally don't do much decorating in my small apartment, especially for holidays. I wanted to bring some of the Christmas cheer inside this year, given ...
I remember but cannot find a link to an old and entertaining weblog -- and I'm just interested in his yearly holiday photo albums. Random details I remember: - I think he posted these once a year for ...
11. seeking public domain stories/poems/plays for winter holidays
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... but would take recommendations for the other two holidays, as well! And would be open to any other winter holiday I may have missed - I want to make sure that we are hitting as many major December/winter ...
12. The ‘Festivus Miracle’ Lives On
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
The anti-holiday holiday, made famous by Jerry Stiller in his role as Frank Costanza, is still celebrated by fans who also find tinsel distracting. Read Full Article  ...
13. The Heavy Price of Holiday Magic
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
When you’re struggling to pay the bills, a child’s wish list can feel like an additional burden. Read Full Article
14. Comics _ DC _ Christmas _ Short ... help!
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... push and gets her on her way. I am pretty certain this was in a collection of Christmas-themed stories published by DC in the 1980s, but it isn't the Super Star Holiday Special (April 1980). Any ideas? ...
...  My spouse continued a ”spirited” debate with the fiancé. But my behavior really hurt our mutual loved one. Yes, it was the holiday but no alcohol was involved. In spite of that, all seemed well and ...
16. Christmas Typhoon Batters Central Philippines
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Thousands traveling home for the holiday were stranded as flights and ferries were canceled. At least 16 deaths were reported. Read Full Article  ...
17. My Clichéd Christmas Love
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Why do we love getting engaged around the holidays? Read Full Article  ...
18. You're not my doctor OR my therapist
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... particular one of those rare but serious ones that lead to loss of limbs and sepsis, to the point where I'm considering not going home for the holiday. I'm wondering if that's a rationale decision or if ...
19. As a Spanish City Lights Up for Christmas, So Does a Debate
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
The holiday light show in the industrial hub of Vigo is a draw for tourists. But some have begun to wonder: How much is too much? Read Full Article  ...
20. Love Christmas Variety Shows? Go Ahead, Take Another Helping
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
In recent years, Kacey Musgraves, John Legend and Gwen Stefani have all paid tribute to classic televised holiday variety shows, banking on baked-in holiday nostalgia. Read Full Article  ...
21. The Sound of Christmas in Latin America, in 8 Songs
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Moods, genres and whether the songs are actually about the holidays vary, depending on where you’re celebrating. Read Full Article  ...
The attractions have prompted environmental concerns, and some cities have canceled them, citing the size of the carbon footprint needed to maintain the sites. Read Full Article
Being with people you love becomes more important than small digs and even arguing about Donald Trump. Read Full Article
Hear new seasonal tracks by Blink-182, Keith Urban, Macklemore and others. Read Full Article
25. Christmas (on the Cheap) in January
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Looking for seasonal cheer without inflated prices? Then take your holiday spirit on the road — after Christmas. Read Full Article  ...
26. Holiday Nights, Merry and Bright
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
The season sparkles at seven holiday light displays across New York City. Read Full Article  ...
27. A Lonely Plea: ‘Anybody Need a Grandma for Christmas?’
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
A woman from Tulsa, Okla., with no place to go for the holidays became a painful reminder of the isolation felt by many older Americans. Read Full Article  ...
28. There’s No Winter Break From ‘Publish or Perish’
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
An analysis of submissions to two top journals showed that scientists in the U.S. were highly likely to be working during holidays. Read Full Article  ...
29. Is Tinsel Canceled?
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
You want festive holiday décor. And you don’t want to damage the planet. Here’s how to compromise. Read Full Article  ...
Also this week, a mission to expose invisible methane leaks Read Full Article
31. Deck the halls with boughs of Creosote
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... housemate (who also had to cancel plans to stay on base for the holiday) are going to be hosting breakfast for a big group of soldiers who are also in El Paso without family. I'd like to get him some ...
32. 5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With The New York Times
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Seasonal suggestions for things to read, watch, write about and create. Read Full Article
The modern holiday classic from 1994 completes the longest ever trip to the top of the Billboard singles chart, thanks to a dedicated marketing plan and a surge on streaming services. Read Full Article ...
34. Still Stumped on Holiday Gifts for Picky People? We Can Help
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
We have gift recommendations for the hardest-to-please family and friends on your list. Read Full Article
Retail remains king, but Americans concerned about climate change and consumerism are continuing to have an impact on shopping habits. Read Full Article
36. A Seafood Pie for the Feast
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Cooked under buttery puff pastry, seafood mingles in a velvety sauce for a fish pie that doubles as a stunning holiday centerpiece for Christmas Eve. Read Full Article  ...
37. A Festive Cake With a Big Reveal
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Beautiful and bright, Yotam Ottolenghi’s warm upside-down lemon cake gives you that ta-da moment for the holidays. Read Full Article  ...
38. ‘Rudolph,’ the Queerest Holiday Special
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
“It gets better” for misfit reindeer too. Read Full Article
39. The Turn of the Scrooge
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... place around the holiday? Novels or short stories only, please! Read Full Article  ...
40. How to Spend the Holidays in New York City
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
A roundup of events in every borough, from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Manhattan to the annual Holiday Train Show in the Bronx. Read Full Article  ...
41. Holiday Tunes That Soothe, Provoke and Share a Joke
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
A new crop of albums has arrived that offer fresh (and not so fresh) takes on seasonal songs and sentiments. Read Full Article
“It looks like a Christmas tree losing hair,” one Londoner said of the fir in Trafalgar Square. It did not put everyone in the holiday spirit. Read Full Article  ...
43. One Thing You Can Do: Be Smart About Holiday Lights
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
Also this week: air pollution in augmented reality, and new climate talks Read Full Article
44. Asking for a... ummm, friend
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
Is there anywhere that has a definitive list of all the Christmas (or winter holiday) themed Netflix romantic comedies? I, I mean my friend, wants to find a systematic way of finding them. So I don't want ...
45. In Bowling Green, an Alsatian Holiday Market
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
The Alsatian tourist board is setting up a Christmas market for several weeks in December. Read Full Article
46. How Much Should We Tip the Doorman at Year’s End?
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
It’s an enduring conundrum. Think of holiday tipping as a bonus, not a gift. Read Full Article  ...
47. Making a solo Christmas season nice
(Last Minute Christmas/askmetafilter)
... living room. Nearer the time I will be listening to WQXR holiday classical station on the TuneIn app (can be listening to just online too), and I have already started listening to YouTube playlists of ...
48. Netflix’s 2019 Holiday Movies, Reviewed and Ranked
(Last Minute Christmas/NYT Christmas)
The streaming service added a bunch of original holiday movies this year, some better than others. We watched them all. Read Full Article  ...
Arguing doesn’t change minds. Here’s what does. Read Full Article