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Looking for a comic book scene... fell under ice... Tintin? Boy’s Life?

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Looking for a half remembered series of comic panels... A comic-book protagonist falls beneath the ice on a frozen lake or river, is thought lost but survives by breathing thin layer of air under the ice with his nose, breaks through the ice with a hatchet and in doing so, strikes either the antagonist or his long-suffering friend on the bottom of the foot with the tip of the hatchet. I have a picture in my mind of a series of panels in a comic/graphic novel. I feel like maybe it’s Tintin, but maybe I’m getting it confused/mixed with one of those “edutainment” comics that would be published in the middle of Boy’s Life magazine (I remember they were a 1 or 2 page comic that would show a story about some child doing something heroic or something).

Anyway, the image I have in my mind is a protagonist (Tintin?) falling under some ice, and he is thought lost, but then he uses a hatchet to break through the ice, and in doing so hits the bottom of the foot of someone (Captain Haddock? Dr. Müller?) with the part of the hatchet that broke through the ice. Aftr getting out from under the ice, the protagonist then goes on to explain how there’s a slight layer of air just between the bottom of the ice and the top of the water, and that by pressing his nose against that, he was able to breathe long enough to find a spot where the ice was thin enough to break through.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? It’s kind of driving me nuts.

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