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Canadians, where do you shop for presents?

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Usually at Christmas, I just ship a bunch of stuff home to my family from Amazon and then wrap it up when I get there. This year, I'd like to step away from Amazon, but I need alternatives for places where I can find a good variety of toys (particularly) and housewares and other gifty type things that ship FROM WITHIN Canada. Stores that ship TO Canada from somewhere else aren't sufficient. I don't want ship-to-store, I don't want anything shipping from out-of-country, and I definitely don't want there to be any chance my family will have to pay charges to collect the packages. Ideally, I would like shipping to be inexpensive or included in the price, but I can make those calls when I see the charges.

I also don't like WalMart, not that I would expect MeFites to suggest WalMart anyway.

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