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Making a solo Christmas season nice

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The last two Christmases I have done different things. The first one I went to my sisters. On the plus side, I enjoyed the lovely Xmas meal and the chat. On the minus, I had to go through on 24th and return on 26th, and it felt like I ran out of things to say. Also I'm 50 and just really like sleeping in my own bed, the sofa was uncomfy. Last year actually worked out better - I ordered Chinese takeaway for Christmas Day, and was able to visit my sister and return the same day on January 3rd or 4th and still have plenty of time to chat. I feel very lucky the online friends I chat with everyday by voice, a few will be on their own at Xmas Day and we will be chatting and have a quiz etc same as last year. I have set aside in my mind some money to make xmas nice but am not sure what to spend it on yet. So far I've used a gift voucher to buy a big Yankee Candle which has a nice smell of marshmallows toasting, and also some Christmas themed window stickers which I put up in the main window of my apartment living room. Nearer the time I will be listening to WQXR holiday classical station on the TuneIn app (can be listening to just online too), and I have already started listening to YouTube playlists of soft jazz with titles like "winter cafe jazz". Can anyone share things which they do over the Christmas season, not necessarily Christmas Day, which they really enjoy?

I am slightly limited in having Type 2 Diabetes so I have to go easy on chocolates and sweet things, though I can have some savoury treats.

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