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What the heck should I get my in-laws for Christmas?

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They are impossible to shop for! We are doing Christmas stockings only this year so I need a number of smallish things for each of them. So far I have things like a yeti mug, nice reuseable shopping bags, high-end hand cream, waterproof notepad, fun pens, and colorful playing cards.

Planning to add on some candies, coffee, maybe like a puzzle or something. They go all out on Christmas and doing stockings only was my attempt to scale back, but I absolutely need to add more.

They are both retired in their early 70's, both kind of artsy - he is a wood worker, she is a quilter. They're both very advanced at their craft so I would feel silly getting accessories/ supplies for them. They are obsessed with pickleball but how many pickleballs does a person need.

They live near Lake Michigan in a rural location and they are financially well-off. My husband and I live in another state. I want to stay away from tchotchkes and junk, and ridiculously overpriced stuff (like a 4-pack of fancy soaps that cost $48)... books and consumables might be good. Any ideas?

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