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last minute gift and travel ideas for Christmas


Deck the halls with boughs of Creosote

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My little brother won't be able to make it home to New Hampshire for Christmas and Chanukah this year - he's stuck in El Paso. I'm looking for ideas of fun local things that I can get him, especially related to fresh baked goods and breakfast? Brother found out recently he has staff duty immediately before and after Christmas. We're all pretty bummed because he spent Thanksgiving on duty as well. He and his housemate (who also had to cancel plans to stay on base for the holiday) are going to be hosting breakfast for a big group of soldiers who are also in El Paso without family.

I'd like to get him some food for the breakfast - thinking of things like cinnamon rolls, banana bread, tamales, etc. - and I was trying to think of other things that might be welcomed. Do you know a good bakery in El Paso that might take online or phone orders? Any local liquor stores that deliver? Probably there are no dog delivery services that I can marshal up, but if you have ideas for a way to make Christmas more fun and Christmassy for a big group of 18-26 year old guys who are probably going to be kind of sad to be hanging out together on Christmas, I would love them! I'm fine having ordering something and then making him drive to pick it up, as long as it's within El Paso.

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