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I am the Grinch of office Christmas. How do I recover?

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I've accidentally committed a faux pas of under paying for a Christmas exchange and I feel awful. How do I make it up to this person? At our office Christmas party there was a gift exchange of the minimum of $10. We played a version of white elephant and I realized that my gift was not favored. I should have reached for my gift when I had the chance. Stupidly I reached for a gift that was three times the minimum.
I spent only a little bit more than the minimum and it was apparent by my gift. I have co workers that know that it was me that spent it on such a cheap gift. The person that received my gift actually organized the event and I feel super guilty about all of it. Should I give another gift to the person that received the gift? I didn't realize that people would spend so much more than the minimum and honestly my gift was very thoughtless. I just started my job very recently and I don't want to be known as the cheap, thoughtless gift giver. What do I do?

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