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Oh, I didn't know we gave gifts in this friend group

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Have a new friend group this year. Didn't think they did gifts. Surprise, they did! Now I feel really bad because I didn't! Now what? So I made new friends through a hobby this year. This group of people have been hanging around for a few years together, so one night when the rest of them were away, I asked Friend A if this social circle did gifts. She said they did not.

Surprise! I went to a party last night with Friends B, C, and D and Friends B and C surprised gifted me and Friend D (who presumably didn't know this was gonna happen either even though she's been in this longer than me) last night and uh, I felt really bad for not having anything. Especially since one of them in particular uh... gave me a lot.

What do I do now? Give late gifts? Just ignore the situation? I'm not seeing anyone again until January, if that's a factor.

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