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Does anyone remember this vintage blog about family xmas drinking?

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I remember but cannot find a link to an old and entertaining weblog -- and I'm just interested in his yearly holiday photo albums. Random details I remember:

- I think he posted these once a year for a few years in a row.
- Heavy holiday drinking, and photos to back it up.
- Family shenanigans included the father digging out some old Halloween costumes and making people wear them.
- Mother made jello shots once.
- Stepbrother went fishing stoned and maybe in a yellow raincoat.
- I may have mentioned lots of family drinking together.
- Southern?
- One year he posted a series of photos of weird little holiday knickknacks his mom had around the house, portraying them in an unflattering light. (This is the thing I want to laugh about again. He called one of them a homunculus. I have recently Googled "christmas homunculus" and cannot recommend it.)

It was really funny, I swear.

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