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What to get two girls (ages 4 and 6) for Christmas?

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Normally I’m good at Christmas and birthday shopping but this year I’m hitting a roadblock. Trying to spend about $200 combined on something that isn’t a shiny pink and purple plastic toy. I just finished shopping for their cousins. Two cousins got a year-long educational subscription box (request from the parents). Two other cousins got a Nintendo Switch. These two girls... I’m not sure what to get.

Most holidays I tend toward getting books, board games, other gifts that they ask for that aren’t just more and more stuff for the easily-outgrown stuff pile. But since I spent a few hundred on the other little ones, I’d like to get something in the same price range. It would be easy enough to get them 1000 small gifts off their Christmas lists but that would feel a little extra from an auntie and it would be nice to get them something maybe a bit more long-term useful or on a bigger scale.

I considered getting “them” (really, their family) a movie projector so they could project movies very big on their bedroom wall, but I’m not really sure that’s the direction I want to go yet. To give an idea of their interests, they’re into animals, Hot Wheels, gymnastics, soccer and drawing.

I would normally consider an experience-related gift but that’s a bit depressing for this COVID year when they won’t really be able to use it for the foreseeable future. I’ve also considered something like a telescope, but they are kind of more interested in hands on athletics and art type hobbies.

Just kind of blanking overall and would appreciate any suggestions!

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