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Board game type gift for large family with small children

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What is a good board game or similar present to give to a religious, conservative family with six kids? Budget would hopefully less than $50 USD, but willing to go a bit higher for something great. Please help us find a thank you holiday gift for a family that has helped us during the pandemic.

A neighboring household has been occasionally shopping for us, which has been a help since we are strictly self-quarantining because of high risk factors for COVID-19. It's been particularly helpful when they go to the nearest big city Costco and other places.

We want to thank them, but our usual holiday gift basket would be quickly and frustratingly consumed by a family of eight, and we don't think we can financially scale up the gift basket's gourmet sausages and cheese to feed a group that large. Also not sure that toddlers would get the most out of our normal European charcuterie and cheeses. ;)

This family has six children ranging in age from early teen to newborn, so we would sort of like something that all could enjoy. They are conservative, and religious, but don't shun modern technology.

My guess is that Monopoly would be OK, Axis and Allies probably close to crossing the line, and Cards Against Humanity an absolute no-no, if that helps to give you a spectrum to judge by.

Is there a good board game or similar activity you would recommend for a gift? Particularly one of the games from the board game renaissance of recent years? One that is actually fun to play? (So not Monopoly then, also pretty sure they would already have that one.)

Or another gift? Maybe a game for a park visit or outdoor activities. I had fun with croquet as a kid, but is that too much a relic of the past?

Budget would be around $50, but we could potentially go a bit higher for a gift we were certain would be great. Thank you for any advice or help you can offer.

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