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GiftFilter: subscription for sports fan?

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Seeking recommendations for sports-oriented subscription websites with good articles and good discussion. The recipient:

- Liked reading Deadspin, but rarely commented.
- Has had unpleasant reddit subgroup experiences, and now pretends the site is read-only during occasional visits.
- Reads and posts on a computer, and would not use a phone app.
- Let a Sports Illustrated print subscription lapse 10-15 years ago.
- Follows US team sports all year and pays the most attention to baseball (MLB.TV subscriber, "MLB Radio" listener).
- Is a Mets fan, but did not like SB Nation's dedicated Mets forum.

Budget maximum is $150. Thus far,'s annual "Pal" level subscription (unlimited articles, commenting privileges, staff Q&As, newsletter) for $120 is in the lead, but is there a better option given the personal history? Are there discussion boards at The Athletic? (That yearly subscription usually runs $120, too, but lately a discounted rate pops up.) The pandemic shut down sports this year and next year's schedule is uncertain -- is a general-interest magazine website with a strong sports section and forum the way to go?

Thanks in advance.

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