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gift recommendations needed: physical therapist edition

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In our family Christmas grab bag, I have drawn the name of a cousin's fiancee, whom I have only met briefly once. Help me figure out something even a little clever or thoughtful to give this nearly perfect stranger! I follow her on social media, but pretty much all I know about her is that she:
- is in her mid 20s
- loves my cousin, and
- is studying to become a physical therapist

Beyond that, she seems to enjoy many of the same things my cousin enjoys, such as beer and music, but I don't necessarily want to give her something that's, you know, potentially more "for him."

It occurred to me that maybe something relevant to her profession, or being a med student in general, etc., might be good, but I don't know enough about those things to generate any particularly good ideas.

They seem pleasantly weird, as a couple, so off-the-wall suggestions are welcome too!

Thanks in advance, o wise mefite gifters.

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