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Christmas present for 10yo boy?

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Looking for a bit of inspiration for a Christmas present for a ten year old boy. -Big interest in audiobooks, drones, lego, relaxing and nerf guns. The usual stuff I guess. He's just not a reader yet due to dyslexia. He's asked for a Hot Wheels set because a friend has a set but I'm thinking there's likely to be very limited actual mileage once Christmas morning is over and done with because he's already got a scalextric set he barely plays with.

So I guess I'm looking for left field suggestions I wouldn't necessarily find in 'Toys ᴙ Us' ? I'm not averse to making him something, either.

Ideally I'd like it to be something technical a bit like Lego Technics but something that doesn't cost the Earth. Top budget probably £100 $135

Thank you!

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